MUSIC 2OOO LTD is pleased to offer an electronic and gear repair service. Our technician has over 20 years experience in electrical repairs and specialises in Guitar amp repair, Valve and tube amps repair, general repairs to all music and audio electronics, power amp and PA repair.

We charge a standard bench diagnostic fee of £35.00 which is payable for all amplifiers even if the repair is considered uneconomical (this fee covers our time for opening and testing the amplifier). Our labour charge is £25.00 per hour, with replacement parts charged as an extra cost. The first hour is to be paid upfront before diagnosis.

A quotation will be provided for any repairs that are required before the work is carried out, so you will know the exact costs. Many of our customers will provide us with a budget to work to, if the costs are then likely to exceed this budget we will contact them for approval.

Our estimated turnaround time for a repair is 7-10 days, but this lead time is solely dependent on the availability of spare parts. If you require something repaired urgently please let us know and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

At a glance some of our service include:

  • Guitar amp repair specialist
  • Valve amp repair
  • Tube amp repair
  • Repairs to all music and audio electronics
  • Power amp repair
  • PA system repair